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Horizon School Division
Creating a better world, one student at a time.
Staff Directory
​​ Senior Leadership Team
Horizon Director 2.JPG
Kevin C. Garinger
​Director of Education/CEO
Horizon Deputy Director.JPG 
​Randolph J. MacLEAN
​Deputy Director of Education
Superintendent of Finance CFO.JPG
Marilyn Flaman
​Superintendent of Finance Services/CFO
Justin Arendt
​Superintendent of Operational Services/COO
Horizon Supt. Student Services.JPG
Darrell Paproski
​Superintendent of Student Services
Horizon Supt. Learning Services.JPG
​Crandall Hrynkiw
Superintendent of Learning Services

Educational Services Team​ ​
​Darrell Paproski
​Superintendent of Student ​Services
​Crandall Hrynkiw
​Superintendent of Learning Services
​Lance Hiltz
​Communication Services Officer
​Marni Sogge
​Executive Assistant to the Director of Education/CEO
​Kim Loose
​Central Office Secretary
Student Services Team​
​Darrell Paproski
Superintendent of Student Services​306-682-8607 ​
Student Services

​Jason Neville
Supervisor of Student Services​306-682-8640​
Literacy & Early Learning​
​Katherine Oviatt
Supervisor of Literacy & Early Learning Services​306-682-8644​
​Trish Maxwell
Literacy Coach​306-320-7515
Kim Junk
​Literacy Coach
Heidi Linford
​Literacy Coach
​Jacquie Bergerman
​Literacy Coach
​Student Services Administrative Support
​Deborah Kuipers
​Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Student Services
Learning Services Team​ ​ ​
​Crandall Hrynkiw
Superintendent of Learning Services​306-682-8606​
Learning Services
​Jan Paproski
Coordinator of Learning Services​306-682-8645​
​Brian Grest
​Administrator of Student Activities
First Nation & Metis Education Services
​Lester Gardiner
Coordinator of ​First Nation, Metis & Inuit Education Services
Learning Services Administrative Support​ ​ ​
​Shelley Schell
​Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Learning Services

Operational Services Team​ ​ ​
​Justin Arendt
Superintendent of Operational Services​/COO306-682-8611​
Facility Services
​Kameron Kiland
Manager of Facility Services​306-682-8616​
​Stacy Anthony
Administrative Assistant to the Manager of Facility Services​​306-682-8619
​ ​Humboldt Maintenance Shop
​ ​Lanigan Maintenance Shop
​ ​Wadena Maintenance Shop
Transportation Services​ ​
​Jocelyne Possberg
​Manager of Transportation Services
​MaryAnn Rath
Administrative Assistant to the Manager of Transportation Services​306-682-8635​
​Fleet Supervisor
Information Services​ ​ ​
​Ken Sogge
Coordinator of Information Services​306-682-8649​
​Shawn Peters
Network Analyst​306-682-8620​
​Chris Nienaber
​Network Analyst
​Bruce Maxwell
Network Analyst​​306-682-8628
​Kyle Lamont
Database Specialist​306-682-2558
​Linda Kindrachuk
Maplewood Secretary​306-233-7400​
Finance Services Team
​Marilyn Flaman
Superintendent of Finance Services​/CFO306-682-8631​
​Lori Washkowsky-Lucyk
Finance Services Officer
​Melanie Gray
​Executive Assistant
Accounting Services
Jeff Swanson
Manager of Accounting Services​306-682-8604
Allison Eichorst
Accounting Clerk​306-682-8601
​Cheryl Bilawchuk
Accounting Clerk​​306-682-8624
​Nadine Burgess
Accounting Clerk
Payroll Services​ ​ ​
​Corinne Thoms
Manager of Payroll Services​306-682-8614​
​Sharmon Sarauer
​Payroll Administrator
​Cheryl Klatt
​Payroll Administrator
​Darlene Kirzinger
​Payroll Administrator

Human Resource Services Team​ ​ ​
​Randolph J. MacLEAN
​Deputy Director of Education
​Todd Gjevre
Supervisor of Human Resource Services​306-682-8608​
​Nicole Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Director of Education306-682-8638​
​Monica Arendt
Human Resource Services Officer​306-682-8633​
​Bailey Williams
Human Resource Generalist​​306-682-8617
​Megan-Star Graham
​Human Resource Generalist