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Horizon School Division
Creating a better world, one student at a time.


  • DSC_2210
    Jim HackJim Hack
    Board Chair
    Trustee, Subdivision 10 - Ituna School, Foam Lake Composite School, Foam Lake Elementary School, New Horizon Hutterian School
  • DSC_2199
    Linda MattockLinda Mattock
    Board Vice Chair
    Trustee, Subdivision 2 - Annaheim School, Lake Lenore School, St. Brieux School, Three Lakes School (Middle Lake), Humboldt Collegiate Institute, Humboldt Public School
  • DSC_2205
    Jenna HaleJenna Hale
    Subdivision 1 - Bruno School, Cudworth School, Wakaw School
  • DSC_2216
    Jennifer LemkyJennifer Lemky
    Subdivision 3 - Nokomis School, Viscount Central School, Watrous Elementary School, Winston High School (Watrous)
  • DSC_2236
    Mark FedakMark Fedak
    Subdivision 4 - Drake School, Englefeld School, Muenster School, Lanigan Elementary School, Lanigan Central High School, Watson School
  • DSC_2250
    Dana StefansonDana Stefanson
    Subdivision 5 - LeRoy School, Wynyard Composite High School, Wynyard Elementary School
  • DSC_2245
    Christine GradinChristine Gradin
    Subdivision 6 - Quill Lake School, Lakeside Colony School, Wadena Composite High School, Wadena Elementary School
  • DSC_2259
    James LissinnaJames Lissinna
    Subdivision 7 - Archerwill School, Rose Valley School, Robert Melrose Elementary School (Kelvington), Kelvington High School
  • DSC_2233
    Cheryl VertefeuilleCheryl Vertefeuille
    Subdivision 8 - Imperial School, Schell School (Holdfast), Bulyea Elementary School, William Derby School (Strasbourg)
  • DSC_2271
    Douglas ArmbrusterDouglas Armbruster
    Subdivision 9 - Punnichy Elementary Community School, Punnichy Community High School, Raymore School, Sask Central Hutterian School
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    Edward BitternoseEdward Bitternose
    Subdivision 11 - George Gordon Education Centre; Tuition students attend: Punnichy Elementary Community School and Punnichy Community High School
  • DSC_2224
    Benny Paul Crow-BuffaloBenny Paul Crow-Buffalo
    Subdivision 12 - Tuition students attend: Punnichy Elementary Community School and Punnichy Community High School
  • DSC_2277
    Albert PinacieAlbert Pinacie
    Subdivision 13 - Tuition students attend: Punnichy Community High School
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    Rhonda KayseasRhonda Kayseas
    Subdivision 14 - Tuition students attend: Wadena Elementary School and Wadena Composite High School