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Horizon's General Proficiency Award Winners Announced

December 06, 2016
​December 6, 2016 – For Immediate Release

Humboldt, SK – Horizon School Division is proud to announce its General Proficiency Award recipients for 2016. These students were selected based on academic merit, having achieved high marks in seven 30-level courses, with student averages ranging from 93.14 to 97.29. This year's award winners for Horizon School Division are:

Tiana Kirstein                         Raymore School

Shanleigh McKeown             Humboldt Collegiate

Kennedy Lewis                       Imperial School

Renee Ingram                         Quill Lake School

Remington Rohel                   Annaheim School

Carlie Klatt                             Lanigan Central High

Kirstin Greve                          Lanigan Central High

Payton Pray                           Humboldt Collegiate

Danika Marquette                 Kelvington High

Rayna Olynuk                         Three Lakes School

Megan Farrell                         Foam Lake Comp

Jocelyn Marquette                Kelvington High

Harper Rae                             Imperial School

Brooke Bzdel                          Wynyard Comp

Roan Wright                          Annaheim School

Cassidy Oesch                         LeRoy School

Mason McGrath                     Humboldt Collegiate

Alberta Goodsman                Imperial School

Jared Day                                Kelvington High

Alaina Douglas                       Wadena Comp

Brooke Pasieka                      Wakaw School   

Every year, the Ministry of Education's General Proficiency Awards program recognizes student excellence in academic achievment and encourages the pursuit of post-secondary education. Scholarships of $400 are awarded to students who exhibit the highest level of academic achievment in their school division. 22 scholarships were provided by the Ministry to be awarded to Horizon students for their achievements over the course of the previous school year.

"We have many reasons to be proud of each and every Horizon student. The students represented here have demonstrated the very peak of academic excellence," shares Kevin C. Garinger, Director of Education for Horizon. "Congratulations to our scholarship recipents and best of luck in all the great things that your futures have in store."

To learn more about the General Proficiency Award, visit the Government of Saskatchewan website, here.


For more information, please contact:

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Communication Services Officer