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September News from Across Horizon

September 28, 2016
​Students across Horizon SD participate in our School Reporter Program each month by submitting stories and photos from their schools. Below you will find our students' submissions for the month of September, sharing news from each of their schools!

Ituna School News

- Sharlize Keisig, Ituna School Reporter

We would like to welcome back everyone to school! Ituna school has already had a very busy and filled first month of classes. The Senior SRC have been busy planning events and activities for the student body.

Ituna 091.jpg

The annual magazine campaign runs this month and ends Sept. 29th.  Our goal is to sell 450 subscriptions.

The SRC has also planned a new fundraiser to help charities in our local community. We call it Hats for Here. Anyone can wear a hat on Friday and pay $1.00 to wear it all day. Donations are appreciated as well. All monies collected will go to three local charities throughout the year.

We had gym blast on Monday September 26 for an afternoon filled with activities for Grade 7-12 students. 

Ituna 092.jpg
Ituna 093.jpg

Cross country has begun with a meet taking place in Wynyard. Good luck to all the athletes in the rest of the season.

Ituna 094.jpg

The football season has taken off with a few games already played. The boys took home the win over Kahkewistahaw in a 66-0 game.

Ituna 095.jpg

The senior and junior girl’s volleyball has started as well with tournaments and league games played.

Senior and Junior SRC are excited to have a good 2016-17 year. 

Ituna 096.jpg
Ituna 097.jpg

LeRoy School News

- Sydney McGrath, LeRoy School Reporter

Welcome Back!

As the school year kicks off on a brand new year of learning and excelling LeRoy School had many special plans up their sleeves. The SRC kicked off the exciting year with a school wide sand building competition to get the whole school body together and meeting the new faces. It was a blast! The SRC also started it off right with a amazing ice cream Sundae treat. Also on September 12th our local Credit Union sponsored a FREE hot lunch! The hot lunch consisted of baked ham, hashbrown casserole and many salads and treats! The school year was started off right with our school and community members to thank for doing such an amazing job, it was very much appreciated! On the first day all of our sports such as Volleyball and Soccer hit off for all age groups and we will keep you posted as the months go on. Good to be back!
LeRoy 091.jpg


With all the excitement still running the halls of LeRoy School for being back and at it for another year a group of our leaders travelled to Maple Creek Saskatchewan to participate in the 2016 Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference. Our students Sydney McGrath, Evan Zentner, Jyle Serrano and Matthew McGrath along with our advisor Krista Bernauer travelled the long and cozy five and a half hour drive to the hilly Maple Creek. Upon arrival they are met by the cowboys and cowgirls of the province. It was a busy week for the five members from participating in gym blasts, roping courses, listening to powerful and motivating speakers and lets not forget the good old hoe down Thursday night. Our students had the opportunity to be inspired at the conference and are now able to bring the inspiration and cool ideas back to the school. After a  busy three days it was time to say goodbye to Maple Creek and make the long ride back to flat LeRoy! The drive was well worth it!

LeRoy 092.jpg

Winston High School News
- Sarah Davidson, Winston High School Reporter

Full Throttle into the New Year

Welcome back Wildcats. The 2016-2017 year is already looking like a memorable one. With new staff joining us, followed by new students this year is filled with new opportunities. Even though the leaves have begun to fall most of us are holding onto summer as tightly as we can. After a long weekend the school year has officially begun.

Winston 097.jpg

September 1st was ironically but traditionally the first day back at Winston. The grade eights for this year were welcomed with gift bags as the new staff at Winston was also welcomed with gifts of their own. Mr. Braman introduced everyone into the new year during the assembly, as well as recognized this year’s SRC to the student body. You know it’s not really the beginning of the semester without a good Winston Wildcat football game. Luckily for us our first home game of the season will take place on Friday September 9th. Make sure to come on down and cheer on our team as they kick the rest of the football season off with a home game. Our Cheer Team will be there to pump some spirit into the stands and out onto the field as well.

As this being my last year here at Winston I can only hope it will be a great one. So far every year here has been worthwhile and entertaining to say the least and I expect nothing less from this year as well. Good luck to all our new staff and students in their first year with us here at Winston. Oh yeah almost forgot . . . WE ARE ALL WILDCATS.

Playing the Field

Since today is the first day of fall everyone is getting into that routine of sorts. Pumpkin spiced lattes, oversized sweaters, brown boots, and of course . . . football. The wildcats kicked off their season with a pep rally, rookie initiation and a home game. If that doesn’t scream fall has started, then I don’t know what will.

Winston 091.JPG
Winston 092.JPG

On September 9th the rookie players were initiated into the team with a good ole embarrassing tournament of karaoke. The rookies grouped together and sang their hearts out to prove themselves. After the embarrassment the players headed out to get pumped for their first game against Preeceville. The boys finished with a win, with a score of 38-14. Their next game, at home as well against Wynyard on the 16th, ended with a loss for the Wildcats, a score of 14-45. With an even score of one win one loss the boys are more ready than ever. On Friday the 23rd the team will travel to Watson to play for the win and on the 30th in Preeceville they will revisit that team for another game.

Winston 094.JPG

Football season is one of the best seasons, especially when you live in small town Saskatchewan. We only get so long to watch great football until the snow starts coming around again. (I’m sorry for mentioning what we’re all pretending doesn’t exist). Good luck boys on your upcoming games and the rest of your season.

Drake School News
- Francine Bebita, Drake School Reporter

For this article, I interviewed Kelsey Morningstar.

The FNIM smudge was on the 24th of August 2016. It was to start off the year by clearing the bad spirit out. The smudge started by the First Nations introducing themselves individually, then they started to burn either wheatgrass or sweet grass with matches. As the smoke began to rise, they asked each person there to bathe in the smoke by putting some smoke on areas. Like I said, it was to clear the bad spirit away and start off the year by being cleansed with smoke.

After, there were some treats to the guests and it was great. It was a very different experience; far from anything you would see in an average day. She said that it was very fun way to start the year, and glad to have went.

Drake 091.jpg