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Summit Saskatoon - "When Struggling Readers Thrive, Dreams Come True"

October 13, 2016

Summit 14.JPG

On October 6 & 7, people from across western Canada came together for Summit 14, a professional development opportunity for educators in support of vulnerable readers.

Horizon was proud to partner with organizers of  Summit 14 to make this opportunity available to all Horizon teachers and administrators. Through this partnership, Horizon helped bring this important literacy Summit to Saskatchewan for the benefit of educators and students across our province. This event offered various sessions for primary, intermediate and secondary teachers, who heard from such experts as Dr. Richard Allington, Dr. Janet Mort, Dr. Anne Cunningham and ReLeah Cossett Lent.

For more information on this event, including photos, videos, interviews and blog posts, visit the Horizon/EPSSD eJournalism Team's website at:

Our eJournalism Team is made up of students from across Horizon and Englefeld School.

eJournalism Team (Summit).jpg
The Summit 14 eJournalism Team, Left to Right: Celine Miskolczi, Shayna Campbell, Hannah Moellenbeck, Haley Bilokraly, Tanner Zimmerman, Lena Marcocchio, Sarah Emblin