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October School News from Across Horizon

November 04, 2016
LeRoy School News

- Sydney McGrath, LeRoy School Reporter

Education Week

Throughout education week the SRC planned many daily events. On Monday we started the week off right with a Muffin Monday for breakfast. The days were full and eventful, we had many speakers come and talk about drinking and driving plus we had local businesses come and talk about their careers. The SRC planned Muffin Monday, Tasty Treat Tuesday, Waffle Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Fruity Friday. The kids were excited to receive all the treats throughout the week.

Along with all the tasty treats we had spirit week and exciting school wide events!

LeRoy 1.jpg


The kids came in looking spooky as ever on Monday October 31, 2016. We had costumes from princesses all the way to blow up chickens. The staff took part in the fun event by dressing up as the cast from Shrek! LeRoy School did their annual Halloween parade for the kids could show off their costumes. It was a fun filled day filled with spooky masks and lots of treats! We had kids from preschool to Grade 12 show up in their fancy get up!

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Imperial School News

- Garson Liu, School Reporter

For the spooky month of October, Imperial School has been jammed packed with exciting events! We hosted a Ford Drive on Saturday October 15, and raised $4240 for the school, with an additional $1450 made by the SRC BBQ and the Canteen. Half of the proceeds from the Ford Drive will go to the Central Band. The Sr. Girls also hosted a volleyball tournament. Towns from all over southern Saskatchewan came to Imperial and "volleyed" their hardest!

For Education week, October 17 - 21, the staff had planned many exciting activities. On Monday, the whole school dressed up in their PJs and had a scrumptious pancake breakfast. Tuesday was Meet the Staff night, and the whole community was invited to meet the staff and the SRC.  Many families came and enjoyed a delicious meal donated by Richardson Pioneer and was prepared by the SCC. The Literacy Celebration also occurred on Tuesday. K-7 students enjoyed Cotton Candy and 2 Bouncy Houses for surpassing their goal for the Summer Slide Reading Challenge. On Wednesday, the entire school dressed up in "Cougar" clothing. In the afternoon, the high school buddied up with the elementary students and read to them. For Thursday, the Staff had planned a Blue Jay/Jersey day. Students of all ages showed up to the school imitating the famous Bautista "bat flip" and many other different sport celebrities! On Friday, the grade 5&6 class held their annual Popcorn and Pumpkin sale. There were tables filled with mouth-watering treats, while other tables were occupied by various sized pumpkins. Even though October has come to an end, there are many more electrifying events for the upcoming school year!


Winston High School News

- Sarah Davidson, School Reporter

Cross Country Finds itself a Cold Competition

As Winston athletes you'd think that the ideal competition day would be warm cool breeze kind of situation. Well unfortunately for our Cross Country runners, Zak Freeman, Treyl Ernst, Jenny Hilts and Ashley Hards, good ole mother nature decided to send a blast of early winter their way.

In the beginning of the season, when the weather wasn't too terrible yet, or you know we could still say we were in the fall season, the runners, went off to Outlook where they competed and all advanced. For Pre-districts and Districts the athletes traveled to Rowans' Ravine where Zak placed 13th in midget boys, Treyl placed 8th in junior boys, Jenny placed 5th in junior girls and Ashely placed first in senior girls. All runners will advance to provincials in Delisle on Saturday September 15th.

Despite the cold wind and snow, and the unexpected winter blast sent the runners way each athlete has performed greatly and managed to place themselves in provincials. Good luck to everyone this upcoming weekend in Delisle.

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Winston 5.jpg

Education Week at Winston

Apparently education is a big deal, (I'm kidding of course it is). Not to say that there aren't some people that underappreciate it, or treat it like a right rather than a privilege. Good thing Winston takes time out of its October month right around the busy preparing for Halloween to recognize and appreciate Education.

Last week Winston set events through Monday to Friday to celebrate Education Week. The SRC threw on a Seniors Tea for local grandparents and senior community members. Pride Groups gathered to talk about leadership another day. One of the bulletin boards was left blank for students to right what "Makes Winston Rock!". To top everything off local dance teacher and public speaker Nicole Riehl. She spoke to the students about being grateful and how important it is to appreciate the little things about like, about ourselves and about each other. It was an uplifting talk that fit the theme for Education Week.

The SRC and teacher staff always put on great events for us students, so here's a big ole thank you from us to you. Thanks to Nicole for coming to the school and speaking and all the community members who supported our events.

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Wynyard Elementary School News

- Dalyn Chuckry, School Reporter

Happy Thanksgiving W.E.S! Congratulations to all the cross country participants. You have made your school proud.

The week of October 11th is Fire Safety Week. Wynyard is very lucky to have a wonderful volunteer fire department in our town. This year all classes will be walking to the fire hall to learn about fire safety. The younger grades are hoping that Sparky will be there.

The SCC is planning the pasta supper along with the SRC and the PepperTree.  It will take place on Wednesday, October 12th. 

On the 13th, the SCC has planned an activity night of dodgeball for all attending students.  Mr. Fisher will be leading this event. It is easy to see that our SCC is an important part of our school.

Welcome to Mrs. Cara Elphinstone who will be joining our staff as an EA. 

I am sure that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving Break and are now ready to get back to school.  Hopefully you found some time to read over the break!

Drake School News

- Francine Bebita, School Reporter

Education Week at Drake

Education week took place on October 17-21. During those days, Drake had many events taking place.

On Tuesday, an open house for parents was held. The parents of the students could look around and meet Drake’s staff, as well as what the students are learning. This was also an opportunity for the families to look at the Book Fair also held.

The Book Fair took place on Tuesday and Wednesday. There were very many interesting books, stationary and other things. The Book Fair was organized by our amazing secretary and librarian, Mrs. Gibney.

That week, we also had spirit days, Thursday being “Letter Day”, in which students would take the first letter of their name and dress up as something that also starts with that letter. Many students came up with very clever costumes. Then, Friday was “Nerd Day”. It was filled with glasses and funky outfits.

We also wanted to include others outside the school, so we invited some of the grandparents of the students. The grandparents read the books and the students listened. Some of the books were very interesting. As a treat for the visitors, and students, we got a sweet snack and fruit juice. Thank you to the parent committee and SLC for helping hand out the snacks.

Education week was a very fun experience here at Drake, and will be anticipated next year!

October Sports for the Bulldogs!

This October was filled with many games and sports!

We had two winners in cross country and they were Bauer Dumanski in 14th place and Dalton Wolfe in 5th place. They did very well, and overcame the weather conditions and fought hard for Drake!

Next, we have the Drake Bulldogs in volleyball action! The girls’ team did very well, winning 3 out of 6 games. They may not be 1st , but they can come back with the playoffs coming very soon!

Then, the boys’ team, which is mixed with the Nokomis’ team and they did really well too. The communication might get a bit hard in games, but they pulled through! Although I do not know the full league statistics, I know they will bring the game at their playoffs as well!

Though the players are all really tired, I admire how much they keep strong and follow through. I love how much our team believes in each other and look ahead. I hope they do well on their playoffs, both girls and boys. Go Bulldogs!

Sofina Tackle Hunger a Dual Success

Tackle Hunger 2.jpg

Organizers of the third annual Sofina Tackle Hunger ; second annual Friday Night Lights Classic between the Wynyard Golden Bears and the visiting Watrous Wildcats are very pleased with the outcome.  The big winner of the night was the Wynyard and District Food Bank.  Sofina employees collected 843.5 lbs of nonperishable food goods from supportive patrons during this food drive. A vast majority of the food was collected by the players of both teams who canvassed their classmates to bring food items to school to support the cause of tackling hunger in our immediate football area.  In Wynyard Team Blue consisting of the Grade 10 and 11 players won the internal competition winning Sundaes sponsored by the WCHS SRC.  The rest of the food came from fans who brought items to the game.  Participating fans who brought food items or donated money got into the game for $2.00 a savings of $3.00 off the normal $5.00 entry fee.  This $2.00 was then donated to the Food Bank on behalf of both teams.  A whopping $661.00 was collected at the gate and donated on this night.  Add $380.00 donated by WCHS staff for Comfort For A CAUSE and the local Food Bank received a total of $1041.00 to purchase perishable items needed to supplement client food hampers. The Food Bank according to Sheila Doidge  was overwhelmed by the support received this year.  Thanks to Horizon Director of Education Kevin Garinger for taking time to make the trip out to Wynyard's George Lamb Field to support and literally "kickoff" the night's first place showdown.  Receiving Garinger's kick was the "speedy" Stephanie Cuddington who dashed to midfield to receive WCHS cheque presentation from staff coordinator of  WCHS COMFORT FOR A CAUSE Marsha Barteski-Hoberg.  Thank you Sofina employees for modelling the importance of community volunteerism and providing our students first hand knowledge of how important it is for all citizens including high school students to support community initiatives.  We hope to continue this dual community endeavor in future years.

The night started off with the Jr Jamborees program from Watrous and Wynyard engage in a controlled scrimmage to end a successful 2016 Jr football season.  The Grade 6,7 and 8 students welcomed the opportunity to show off the skills that were developed during the season.  Be it an Evan Fisher pitch pass to Tejay Johnson or a backside blitz tackle by the speedy Jack Chorney the skills developed by these youngsters foreshadow a bright future for BEARS FOOTBALL.  The opportunity of getting our athletes to experience and hopefully enjoy football early is paying off a huge dividence.  We have Grade 9 athletes not only able to compete but they are able to start! This was unheard of in my day as a player states coach Morris Sokul.  Watrous juniors may have had more success getting to the endzone on this night but it was a night to remember for all players.  

Tackle Hunger 5.jpg

The SR. programs took over the gridiron for a 7 pm first place battle.  Wynyard had a comfortable 45-14 total point lead going into this contest but the coaching staff and players knew this game was not going to be a cake walk.  Wynyard's Mike Shewchuk opened the scoring at 9:36 of the first quarter on a 12 yard dash.  Rylan Sokul converted to make the score 8-0 Bears.  The Bears D came out forcing the Wildcats to punt on their first possession but a bobble and enormous head to head contact produced the first turnover of the game and ended the night for starting mlb and returner Alexei Bashutsky.  The Wildcats quickly converted the turnover into a TD and convert making the score 8-8.  Michael Shewchuk however quickly restored Wynyard's early lead taking the ball 40 yards for the major and a 14-8 Bear's lead. Shewchuk got the natural hat trick of TDS hooking up with QB Rylan Sokul for a 75 yard pass and run TD that was successfully converted making the score 22 to 8 after one quarter of play. 

Tackle Hunger 6.jpg

Both defences were stingy for the first 10 minutes of the second before Sam Pilling fooled the entire Bear's D on a naked bootleg scoring from 12 yards out.  The converts were automatic for the Wildcat's making the score 22-16.  Wynyard's O answered back on the very next possession.  QB Rylan Sokul took off for a huge TD producing scamper with 1:49 left in the half, Shewchuk ran in the 1-point convert and the Bears walked into halftime leading 29-16.  

The third quarter had the Bears score first when Nathan Prisiak powered through a small hole before accelerating 45 yards to the endzone against an influential headwind.  The Wildcats blocked the ensuing two point conversion but Wynyard had extended the halftime lead to 35-16. The Wildcats however were not ready to fold their cards.  A well-executed screen pass to Emmett Scheidt brought the Wildcats back to within striking distance once again at 35-24.  Shewchuk however had other ideas.  He took the kickoff back 60 yards for a huge specialty teams score at the critical point of the game.  Sokul converted making the score Wynyard 43- Watrous 24.

The Wildcats would not go away.  Scoring 2 minutes into the fourth was  Watrous's PepperTree Player of the Game Brayden Moneo.  The Bears lead was cut to 11 at 43-32.  Defense became the name of the game and both teams held their own and no more points were scored.  The victory for the Bears was their sixth straight and as a result they will host Watson in the 1-4 Conference Playoff game set for Friday October 21.  Gametime is set for 4 pm but this may be bumped up to 3:30 if darkness is deemed a concern.  Watrous will host Preeceville in the 2-3 playoff game.  Winners of these two contests will advance to the Provincial Quarterfinals that will take place on Saturday October 29 th at 1 pm vs Conference 5 which is Northern Saskatchewan (LaRonge , Sandy Bay, Cumberland House) We wish both programs successes in their upcoming provincial games and who knows the cards may hold a third 2016 encounter between these two Horizon football program which would be the Provincial Final Saturday Nov. 12.

Thank you to all fans for supporting Sofina's Tackle Hunger Food Drive.  Thank you to the Wynyard Coop for hosting the pre and post game bbq tailgate festivities.  The money raised by a very successful burger sale (over 300 burgers sold) will help ensure a viable and safe Bears program will continue in 2017.  It was a great night for both Football programs.  It was a great night of sponsorship for both the Wynyard Coop and Sofina foods.  The Food Bank and players were winners both on and off the field.  What a way to show that sport is more than a game!

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Tackle Hunger 3.jpg
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Quill Lake School "Open House"

Quill Lake School celebrated Education Week with their "Open House" and "Scholastic Book Fair".  The book fair was a 3-day event held in the school library and was open to the public from October 17th to the 19th. 

On the evening of Tuesday, October 18th, Quill Lake School's SCC hosted a delicious Spaghetti Supper.  Approximately 150 parents, students, grandparents and community members attended.  Following the supper, a number of activities were held including a scavenger hunt, SRC games in the gym, and parents were invited to explore their child's classrooms.  Partners Family Services provided a special presentation regarding a family support program, and the Book Fair was open late in the library.  The local Brownies club sold cookies, and the School Community Council sold QSP magazines as a fundraiser.  There was a large crowd and we'd like to thank everyone who came out to support the Quill Lake School Open House!