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November News from Across Horizon

December 06, 2016

​Students across Horizon participate in our School Reporter Program each month by submitting stories and photos from their schools. Below, you will find our students' submissions for the month of November, sharing news from each of their schools!

Three Lakes School News

- Kailey Griffin, School Reporter

Soccer & Cross Country Overview

This is year, our cross country team at Three Lakes did an incredible job.   Practices began at the beginning of September, continuing all throughout the season.  Coach Otsig did a great job of encouraging all athletes to stay in shape and train, as well as participate in all practices.  It definitely paid off!   Our school would like to say a huge thank you to him for doing such an amazing job, as well to all athletes who joined.  We had over 24 students participate at pre-districts in Kelvington, who did a great job.  Districts were held shortly after near the Strasbourg area at Rowan's Ravine, with an impressive nine participants who ended up moving on to provincials.  All athletes worked very hard throughout the season, and we were lucky to have such an impressive year.  Our school finished 4th overall with a total of 107 points.

This soccer season was definitely one to remember.  We had an total of five soccer teams this year.  Our school would like to thank all of the coaches that made this season possible, including Mr.Otsig, Mrs.Cleveland, and Mrs.Parsons.  The co-ed team this year had a very fun season, as players learned new skills and had great team spirit.  They had various matches against St. Brieux and Muenster.  The junior girls soccer team won league this season, and also got district gold at their final game hosted in Middle Lake.  The junior boys soccer team lost out in league, and although they did not make it to playoffs they did very well.  The senior soccer teams did not fail to impress either!  Advancing to provincials in North Battleford and placing 5th overall, the senior girls had an amazing season.  Middle Lake was also lucky enough to host senior boys provincial soccer, where our senior boys placed 4th.  Congratulations everyone!

TLS 1.jpgTLS 2.jpg
TLS 3.jpg
TLS 4.jpg
TLS 5.jpg

Volleyball Overview

Senior Girls

TLS 6.jpg

This year, once again, our senior girls volleyball team (Avengers) combined with Cudworth (Huskies).  Our schools were very fortunate to have this opportunity, and worked great together.  The Senior Girls lost out in conferences in Langham.  They had a very exciting season and did very well!  Thank you to Mrs.Otsig who coached the team and made this possible.

Junior Girls

TLS 7.jpg

As for the Junior Girls, there were a total of  7 girls on the team.  They worked very hard and learned many new skills throughout the season.  MacKenzie Dobrohoczki helped coach the team, along with Mr. Mhyr.  We thank them for all of their support and coaching throughout the season!  The girls made it to pre-districts in Lanigan and worked very hard. 

Senior Boys

TLS 8.jpg

The Senior Boys have definitely had an impressive year.  Throughout the season, they have worked very hard to get to where they are.  Recently, the boys participated at conferences in Englefeld.  They did an amazing job, and will be moving  on to regionals in Kahkewistahaw.  The season is not over just yet! Thank you to Mrs.Dyck for all her hard work this season.  Good luck boys.

Winston High School News

- Sarah Davidson, School Reporter

We will Remember

On November 10th Winston and some community members gathered in Winston's gym to take time to remember the soldiers who have given their lives for their countries. Every year Winston holds their own Remembrance Day ceremony filled with student talent and community participants. 

Grade 12 girls, Meagan Stokke, Caroline Seidlik, Lauryn Sunquist, Emily Maine, Renee Shellenberg, Alexa Koupantsis and Kloey Bells started the ceremony off with singing "Safe and Sound". Brady Fossen, another Grade 12 student led with reciting the Act of Remembrance and a moment of silence. Musically talented student Kloey Bells played the Last Post through the silence on her Trumpet. Teacher Mr. Crowshaw took time to share photos of war sites from his Europe trip a few years back. He shared photos of war cemeteries, old battle grounds and monuments like Vimy Ridge. Ending the ceremony, representatives of school staff and community members followed with the laying of the wreaths.

Paying respects in the simplest way as having a moment of silence and to think and give your thoughts to fallen heroes of our nation is what Remembrance Day is about. To simply remember. Thank you to all who participated, thank you to the school's bands who provided music during the ceremony and thank you to all who helped organize and set up for this annual event. And of course the greatest thank you goes to the soldiers who gave up so much so we could live in a free country as we do today.

Win 1.JPGWin 1.JPGWin 3.JPG

Hide and Seek? Highly Educational

Now our school wins the trophy. I'm telling you, if there was a trophy for the most fun school in Sask Winston High School would win it. This fun activity, that I'm about to talk about which you probably can already guess at what it is if you read the title, was a teacher idea. Teachers? Wait those guys that wear belts and trousers and are, you know adults? Why yes, yes it was the teachers. Let's explain.

I will not win an outstanding award for this report because it is not very educational. But hey everyone needs a little fun in their lives and I'm feeling inspired. So our teachers gave us all colourful shirts (bright colours = fun) sorted us into groups, called off last class and started a school wide hide and seek game. Now given that my other choice during last period was Biology (no offense Mr. A but I will never truly enjoy cell physiology) this glorious freedom fitted game topped the day off with a cherry. In all seriousness being with our pride groups and being able to mix and mingle with the rest of the school is something that not all kids get to experience. We are privileged, and that's simply what I'm trying to say here. We may whine and complain and say 'high school sucks'(I am one of those guilty persons I admit) but Winston is probably one of the best high schools one could go to. I don't think any other high school experience would be quite as memorable.

I'm sorry for the cheesiness but I just finished the Gilmore Girls Revival show and so I'm simply full of cheese. And I know I always end my reports with a thank you but really thank you. Thank you, teachers, for allowing us to be kids for a little while at least. Because soon (and not to be dramatic) the heavy fist of reality will come crashing down on us students. Too much? Well as far as I've heard most universities don't have last class of the day hide and seek. So we are lucky and in reality, minus the crushing fist, Winston High School is definitely a top trophy winner in my books.

Winston 4.jpg
Winston 5.jpg

Ituna School News

- Sharlize Keisig, School Reporter

On November 10th Ituna School held the annual remembrance day ceremony. Our SRC president and Vice President were the MC's of the afternoon. There was a big turn out with community members as well as our school. Each class had a student read a poem about the war.

Ituna 1.jpg

This month SRC did some magazine campaign awards. SRC had brave teachers and students volunteer for "Fear Factor". Fear Factor is a set of activities that volunteers had to do. One activity was the marshmallow race. Teachers had shaving cream all over their face. Then the top magazine sellers in the school got to pelt the teachers with marshmallows. Who ever got the most marshmallows to stick on to shaving cream won. Another fear factor activity was had the smoothie challenge. Our principal and vice principal got to put random gross ingredients in a blender and the SRC president and vice president had to drink a glass full. Some ingredients were clam juice, lentil soup, tofu, cottage cheese, and avocado dressing. Our last activity was the top seller in each class to egg two SRC representatives. The whole school had a good laugh about these activities.  SRC is planning more magazine reward activities in the future.

Ituna 2.jpgItuna 3.jpg
Ituna 4.jpg

On November 16 and 17 Ituna school held parent teacher interviews in the evening.

The Ituna Senior girl's volleyball team came home from a very rewarding provincial weekend in Muenster. The girls lost out in round robin, but took a few games to three sets. They fought hard all weekend and were proud to even be representing their school at a provincial level. On November 16 and 17 Ituna school held parent teacher interviews in the evening. There was a pink shirt day on Nov. 18. SRC advocated anti-bullying by handing out pink ice cream floats as a sign of friendship and sharing. On November 29th SADD had a presentation showing the dangers of alcohol and impaired driving. The presentation came with goggles and a car simulator for students to try. Senior curling practice started up on November 30th. Good luck to all athletes this season! There is also parent teacher interviews on November 30th for the elementary. SRC is planning more activities for the month of December.
Ituna 5.jpg
Ituna 6.jpg

Wynyard Elementary School News

- Dalyn Chuckry, School Reporter

Wynyard Elementary hosted our annual Remembrance Day Service on Thursday, November 10th.  The Wynyard Legion members joined us to celebrate the freedom that we all enjoy in our incredible country. 

The service is always very well planned and this year was no exception.  Mrs. Karakochuk shared a story from her youth on why Remembrance Day is so important to her.  It was a wonderful story and we thank her for sharing.  Many of the classes also performed wonderful poems and songs during the service. 

WYES 1.jpg
WYES 2.jpgWYES 3.jpgWYES 4.jpg

Once the service was over, the students left the gym by shaking the Legion member's hands as they headed back to their classrooms.  It is always a great chance to say thank you to the Legion for their contributions.  The staff also enjoyed having coffee with the Legion served to them by some our SRC members.

The grade 2's, 3's and 4's are very excited to be involved in the drama club that Ms. Bolt has started at Wynyard Elementary.  If you are taking part remember to listen for the announcements as to when practices are.  The rest of the students are excitedly waiting to see the play that the group is working on.

Basketball is also happening for grades 5 and 6.  The teams are busy practicing under the direction of Mrs. Gudnason.  It is going to be a great season!

The weather has been amazing but it looks like it is coming to end.  I am sure everyone enjoyed our four day weekend!  Parent/teacher/student interviews are coming up soon.  Remember the book fair will be happening then too!  Hopefully you have been reading and filling out your Read-a-thon form.  Forms are due back on the 23rd of November.  Happy Reading!

Drake School News

- Francine Bebita, School Reporter

Remembrance Day Ceremony

This month, we had a ceremony to honour those who served in the war. We held a special ceremony, joined by the Lanigan Legion, and the students' parents and other family members.

There were different ways the classes made use of their creativity to spread word about Remembrance Day. For example, our grade 1's and 2's prepared a piece with a lovely story.

The grade ¾ class had another excellent piece with a very touching moral. Our grade 5/6 class sang a song on how they wish for soldiers to be okay and able to move past the battle scars. Then, our 7/8 class recited the poem, In Flander's Fields.

The legion also had some inspiring words to tell to us students; about how Remembrance Day came to be, and how the poppy is such a symbol. It was then time for laying of the wreaths: I carried one, an SLC representative also had one, a Legion member, and our RCMP officer.

You could almost feel the atmosphere change from when students arrived at school and after the ceremony. I could tell that my peers and classmates really understood what it was about. Thank you to the students, staff, and teachers for working so hard to make this day happen, and also to the Legion members joining us.

Supporting Others at a Time of Need

Drake Elementary School had to overcome a tragedy that involved emotional support. One of our students lost their father, and it was a hard time for all of us.

We care deeply about our students, and how they live their lives; we want them to be happy and know what's going on in their lives. Although it was a really hard time, we managed to give her support in everything, and it seemed like a new beginning. A fresh start, like a whole new person arose in her. She was much stronger, and we felt she could face and deal with any problem that comes her way.

As her peers and classmates, we were all very worried and devastated for her, and we didn't want her to be hurt. But we'll work together and trust each other and eventually, we'll be closer than ever. As much as it hurt, we knew she could pull through if we believed she could. We are supporting her in any way we can.

Imperial School News

- Garson Liu, School Reporter

For the remembering month of November, the Imperial High School has been busy putting together their rendition of Peter Pan. The students have been practising hard and trying to create their character. The first public performance was November 30th, and the crowd loved the show that the students put on. Earlier in the month, Imperial School held the annual Remembrance Day service in the gym. Special guest Larry Mikulcik brought his artifacts that were dated back to World War 1.  In addition, a group of High school students sang "In Flanders Field", the Gr 1-4 students, Beaver and Cub groups recited poetry, and the Scouts and SRC presented wreaths to honor the fallen soldiers. The Senior Band played the Canadian anthem, and Mr. Osatiuk lead the remembrance on his trumpet.  After the service, the grade 11 and 12 class hosted a Poppy Tea for the general public. There were many delicious homemade cookies accompanied by coffee, tea, or juice.

Imperial 1.jpgImperial 2.jpg
Imp 3.JPG

The Sr. Boys and Girls Volleyball teams were unable to advance to Regionals, but they both had a terrific season. Both the teams, represented the "Cougars" and displayed their volleyball pride to all the different teams. On Nov. 18, the SRC planned a hat day, and the whole school showed up wearing their favourite piece of headwear that they owned. Also, the SCC hosted a scrumptious hot lunch for the students. They offered creamy mac and cheese and a mouth-watering hot dog with a bun. For the last full week of November, the SRC planned a "Survivor" and the teams played exercise- ball soccer. Each match was intense and each team fought hard so they could be crowned the champions! Another month has passed so quickly and it keeps getting better and better. Soon enough, it will be the New Year!

LeRoy School News

- Sydney McGrath, School Reporter

Remembrance Day

On November 10th, our school participated in our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony. The ceremony was very respectful and we had many students come up and share many of their readings that they prepared for the service. The junior choir also participated in the service by preparing a song for the occasion. The next day, November 11th, the graduating class of 2017 put on a pancake breakfast as a fundraiser for their graduation. The pancake breakfast was very successful. Following the breakfast the students put on a town wide Remembrance Day service, where anyone could come and attend.  I would personally like to congratulate the winners of the Remembrance Day posters and essays, awesome job LeRoy School.

LeRoy 1.jpg
LeRoy 2.jpg

Throughout November

The month of November at LeRoy School has been crazy! We had many students participating in intramurals at noon hours. The intermural for the month was basketball! We continued our month with another fun and exciting spirit week with a awesome pizza hot lunch put on by the SRC. Volleyball has wrapped up for the year and the senior boys are preparing for their exciting year in Basketball. Never a dull moment at LeRoy School!

LR 3.jpg

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