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December News From Horizon Schools

December 22, 2016

Students across Horizon participate in our School Reporter Program each month by submitting stories and photos from their schools. Below, you will find our students' submissions for the month of November, sharing news from each of their schools!

Three Lakes School News

- Kailey Griffin, School Reporter


This year at Three Lakes School, we had a very fun week before Christmas!   We thank the SLC for planning a wonderful staff/student Christmas dinner for our school.  Everyone did their part, donating food items to make the event possible!  Our school would especially like to thank  Dave Doepker of Humboldt Sobeys, who donated all of the turkeys.  We are so thankful to have such generous donations and such involved community.

TLS Christmas Concert.jpg

On December 19th, the school put on a very entertaining Christmas Concert for the community.  It included students from Kindergarten to Grade 9, including Christmas carols and fun skits for the audience to enjoy.  We thank Mr.Myhr for putting on the drama production, “What Do You Do When The Elves Have The Flu”, by Evelyn Merrit. The turnout was great!

TLS Christmas Tree.jpg

We also can’t forget to thank the SRC for making a fun themed Christmas spirit week.  Everyone dressed up for the occasion and had a great time.  Every student in our school put an ornament on the Christmas tree that the school supplied with their name on it.  A candy cane sale, chocolate kiss sale, and door decorating contest took place.   The Middle Lake Lions Club also donated treat bags for students Kindergarden to Grade 7, which was extremely generous. 

TLS Christmas Door.jpg

December News

This month at Three Lakes School, the past few weeks have been very busy!  The SLC put on a very successful food drive, beginning December 5th and ending December 19th.  Each classroom collected items for the Humboldt food bank and challenged each other to see who could raise  more.  Donations were also dropped off from the community at Terry’s Lucky in Middle Lake and Bregenzer’s Grocery Store in Pilger.  We thank everyone who donated!

TLS Christmas Presents.jpg

In other news, students have been very busy with the start of  basketball season.  The Senior Boys basketball team did a bottle drive fundraiser at the beginning of the month, going door to door collecting donations.  Although the break is soon, teams have been hard at work.  On Tuesday December 30th, the Senior Girls and Boys Alumni basketball games will take place, bringing previous players to Three Lakes back to play. 

TLS Toques.jpg

The school has also been focusing on one of our main goals this year, improving literacy.  Mentor groups throughout the school have been created for students of all ages to group together and read, helping one another.  Teachers have also been reading to students.  We hope that in the 2017 year we will continue to improve and work on this goal.  It has been great to see so many volunteers and peers help other students around the school, especially this month due to all of the Christmas related events taking place!

TLS Students Reading.jpg

Imperial School News

- Garson Liu, School Reporter

On Wednesday, November 30, December 1, 2, the Imperial School put on its 20th annual Dessert Theatre where the entire high school was involved in the show in some way. The performance was a rendition of Disney's Peter Pan. The performances took place at the Imperial Community Hall where the high school population of 46 helped put the magical show together. The directors, Mrs. Carol Baade and Mrs. Diane Busche, and the students worked hard to host an excellent show for a crowd of close to 400 people from the surrounding area. Mr. Vlad Osatiuk conducted the Senior Band at the beginning of both acts.

The performance was a little over 2 hours which included a 30-minute intermission that consisted of a “cherry bomb pie” dessert with coffee and tea. The Grade 9 and 10 students, under the supervision of Mrs. Jade VanDamme and Miss Holly Yanoshewski, did an amazing job of baking a total of 81 pies. Miss Bell and the grade 7-9 art class created centre pieces for the 20 tables.

The play had a variety of sets created by students in which the stage crew did a fine job of setting up. The main roles consisted of Peter Pan (Jenna Joa), Wendy Darling (Lexi Lewis), TinkerBell (Celina Remlinger), John Darling (Kardon Liu), Michael Darling (Kayden Freeman), Captain Hook (Garson Liu), Smee (Tyson Taylor), and Mr. Darling/ Noodler (Emmett Scheidt).  Peter Pan takes Wendy and her siblings to Neverland. During their adventure, Peter runs into trouble with Captain Hook. Both Peter Pan and Captain Hook dual until Hook loses his sword and plunges into the water. In the end, Peter, Wendy, and her brothers return back to their home and live a happy life.

Many staff and community members contributed to this production including Mrs. P Joa, Mrs. A. Metz, Mrs. B. Remlinger, Mrs. A. Gosselin, Mrs. J. Freeman, Ms. C. Gross, Mrs. M. Martens, Mrs. J, Mooney, Mrs. J. Nelson, and Mrs. S. Taylor, Imperial Service Club, Nu-farm Agriculture, and Lewis Agencies. The support of parents and community members has been overwhelming the past 20 years.  Thank you from the students of Imperial School!

Imperial Dessert Theatre 1.jpg

Imperial Dessert Theatre 2.jpg

Winston High School News

- Sarah Davidson, School Reporter

Christmas Commences

You can imagine the amount of excitement in the school the closer the countdown to Christmas gets. The 12 days of Christmas has started and not only does it promote the overall feeling of, it's close enough to holidays I don't have to do anything, but it enchants the minds of students with the spirit of Christmas.

On December 5th, it was Red and Green day, the obvious one that fails to fall back from tradition. Fuzzy Socks day, White Christmas, Christmas Character, and Hot Chocolate day followed. Last week was filled with food and puzzles, and spirit days. This time of the year is the true test of spirit to sit through a day of school. At home the Christmas tree is up and lit, your Mom and Dad have baked goods in the kitchen and your selfish desire for presents is overwhelming. I salute you poor millennials in your western civilization induced coma, waiting for the holidays to being. I say stay strong and soon your time of freedom will begin.

Winston High Elf Hat.jpg

All dramatics aside the SRC has done a swell job of organizing the holiday season here at Winston and it only gets better from here. Thanks for all your hard work and can't wait for the last bit of the school year.

Part 2 of the Christmas Extravaganza

Personally, I am thrilled that school is almost over for a couple weeks. No more Pre-Calculus, or Biology, finally I can eat lunch in a time longer than forty-five minutes. Goodbye tests, at least for a little while. I may be in denial that after Christmas Break finals are right around the corner. Luckily Winston participated in the rest of 12 day of Christmas to end the year and start the holidays.

Winston High Students.JPG

Students wore their winter wear, dressed head to toe in tinsel, made stockings for their lockers, were fed cookies and milk, dressed in hideous Christmas sweaters, wore pajamas to school and finally dressed to the nines and ate turkey. As you can imagine, the students suffered greatly, it was simply too many fun things before the holidays. I honestly don’t know how we’ve made it all this way.

Winston High Schristmas Sweaters.JPG

2016 was a good year, so hopefully 2017 is slightly better. Thanks to the entire Winston staff for making this year a memorable one, your hard work is greatly appreciated and I know that next year you will be working just as hard as you did this year, so I thank you in advance. See you all next year!