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News from Across Horizon

March 17, 2017

Students across Horizon participate in our School Reporter Program each month by submitting stories and photos from their schools. Below, you will find our students' submissions for the month of February, sharing news from each of their schools!

Wynyard Elementary School

- Dalyn Chuckry, School Reporter

Report #1

100 day was a big hit with the grade one and two classes. The 100 day collections in the hallways were amazing. Great job to everyone who created a display. Our hallways were filled with 100 year old people making their way from classroom to classroom. They did not look like they were 100 years old at recess.

WYES Feb 2017.JPG

​Everyone enjoyed the stations and activities involving 100 items. 100 day is a great part of grade one and two. It is something that you always remember.

Both grade three classes created demonstrations that showed the “Magic of Force”. The displays were set up in the gym and many of the classes were invited to listen to the presentations and watch the demonstrations. Learning this way is a great way for students to understand and remember what they need to know.

2Chorney and 4Bolt both hosted poetry evening for the parents of the students in their classrooms. Both events were well attended and everyone was very impressed with the poetry and all of their children’s hard work.

February is a short month but a busy one at WES!

Report #2

February break is a great way to spend some time away from school and with our families. We had a lot to celebrate and do before we could enjoy our break.

We are very lucky at WES. We have a staff that cares about us and want us to do our best. They believe in us and do so much for us. My mom is a teacher and I know how hard teachers work. They spend their spare time working on schoolwork and create so many incredible events for everyone to take part in. The staff at WES love their jobs and it shows.

Thank you for taking care of us every day and we hope you all enjoyed Staff Appreciation Week.

WYES 3.jpg 

Valentine’s Week was a busy one. The younger grades celebrated Valentine’s Day while the older grades were preparing for the Curling bonspiel.

For the second year, all grades joined together in the gym and enjoyed lunch together. We really love visiting with each other and being with all the classes is always a blast.

Grade 4, 5 and 6 spent the week before the break preparing for and taking part in the annual WES bonspiel. Each grade spent a day at the rink practicing and then the bonspiel took place on Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. Reeve put a lot of time into planning the bonspiel and we all appreciate her hard work.

Mr. Fisher transported the students back and forth to the rink on the “Fisher Bus”! You never know what will happen at WES but we always have a lot of fun!

Congratulations to everyone on two great days of curling and sportsmanship. Troy’s rink was the runner up on the B side. Tucker’s team won the B side. Parker’s team was the runner up in the A side. And the winning team is... Caleb’s team!!! Congratulations Team Reeve!

WYES 4.jpg

I hope that everyone had an incredible break and remember to always BE AWESOME just like our friend Troy!!


Ituna School

- Sharlize Keisig, School Reporter

January has been a busy month for most students, coming back from a great Christmas break and writing finals.  SRC had a planned hot lunch on January 13th for the students made by the foods 30 class.

Our next “Hats for Here” will be donated to Children’s Wish Foundation. In addition, the SRC is selling suckers and star pledge cards for all donations.  The proceeds will be collected from beginning of January to the end of March.

SRC wanted to celebrate some national days. On January 19, to celebrate national popcorn day, SRC handed out bags of popcorn to every class in the school. On January 24th, SRC encouraged everyone to say something nice to someone to celebrate national compliment day.

On February 6th, the senior girls curling team got first place at pre-districts. They are on their way to districts to hopefully end up at their destination of Provincials!

Ituna Curling.jpg

The senior boys basketball team have played a few out of town games and just played Punnichy at home. They came out with a victory!

“A Night At the Movies” was the theme for February’s literacy night.  Students had fun acting out scripts, making their own storyboards, and eating popcorn!

Ituna movie night.jpg

SRC has lots of new and exciting activities planned for the future! We want to celebrate a fun second semester!

Imperial School

- Garson Liu, School Reporter

The short month of February has been jam packed with fun and exciting events at Imperial School. The new semester had started, and all the students at Imperial School are working hard to succeed. On February 7, the SRC hosted a “Decades” day, and the students dressed up as their favourite decade. Some students dressed up very “colourfully” with their 1990’s costume, while some were wearing their fancy 1980’s clothing.

On February 9, Andre Sovereign from The Canada Goal, came to our school and presented his Goals and Dreams session. It is about the mature stage of learning that most individuals are faced with in real life- independence and responsibility. In the afternoon, Alison Lohans also came and visited the school. She is an award-winning, internationally-published author of 26 books who spoke to the grade 7-12s. She has won awards, and has done hundreds of readings. Alison has taught many courses, and mentored a growing number of successful authors. Alison also loves to play her cello, recorder, cornet and to explore different parts of the world.


For Valentine’s Day, the whole school was dressed up in either red, white, or pink. The SRC had an Orange Julius fundraiser which they dyed to make the drink pink. The students “loved” the idea and slurped on their drinks through the whole lunch hour. Imperial School also had their annual heart game. The ladies of the high school were handed out paper shaped hearts, and they were to avoid all of the men of the school. Once a girl talks to a boy, they would have to give up their heart. It has been one of Imperial School’s traditions, and hopefully it will stay around for many years to come! The month of February has gone by quickly especially with the week break. Next up is the “lucky” month of March! 


Three Lakes School

- Kailey Griffin, School Reporter

Recently, the SRC has been hard at work, putting on many events throughout the school.  They recently gave the winning classrooms of the food drive and door decorating contests ice cream and hot chocolate, which the students were very excited about. A cupcake and cookie sale will be taking place on Valentine’s Day for all students, as well as a school lock-in on February 17th.  Those who come will sleep overnight at the school and participate in many fun activities, such as games and watching movies.  All proceeds from these events are being donated to Telemiracle!


So far this year, the yearbook committee has been hard at work completing our book.  On January 17th, we were lucky enough to bring in a guest from Jostens Yearbook Avenue, the publishing company of our book.  The staff  spent the afternoon collaborating on common ideas and themes.  Mrs. Mertz has done a great job of organizing meetings weekly, and keeping the staff on track.  We have collected many great pictures so far throughout the school year.

TLS yearbook.jpg

This year, our main goal was to increase literacy throughout the school division.  Every day between 12:45pm and 1:00pm, all students and staff in the school read for fifteen minutes.  A fun activity has been put on this month, where each classroom gets a “french fry” to sign their name on and put on display in the hallway after they read a certain amount of pages.   Each classroom competes to see who can get more fries in their class container.  It is great to see so much enthusiasm towards the activity!

TLS reading.jpg

LeRoy School

- Sydney McGrath, School Reporter

7-12 Gym Blast

For the month of February our SRC hired the Gym Blast company to come in and put on a awesome fun filled afternoon. Our grade 7-12 got into colored teams and competed in various activities to see who would come out on top! The Green Goblins took the win in the end but three other teams were not far behind them in points. The afternoon was filled with many team building activities that made the whole high school come closer together. More friendships were made. The Gym Blast was a huge success and I along with my other SRC members hope to continue hiring the Gym Blast company for many years to come.

TLS Gym Blast 1.jpg 

TLS Gym Blast 2.jpg 

TLS Gym Blast 3.jpg

K-6 Valentine's Day Dance

Our K-6 classes all participated in one big Valentine’s dance in the afternoon on February 14th. Each home room classroom had a potluck lunch where all of the students got to bring food to share and after their big feast the elementary students all got together and had a big fun dance! All of the kids got to come out and show us their best moves. The dance had snacks and juice for when the kids need a break from all the dancing they were doing. It was a blast! TLS Valentine's Dance.jpg

Winston High School

- Sarah Davidson, School Reporter

Awards of Appreciation

The word on the grapevine lately is that the staff at Winston does a lot for their students. I don’t know who started the rumor but it started an entire week of staff appreciation. I’m joking of course, Winston’s teachers, EA’s and other members of the staff are who make our school the way it is to date.

On Friday February 17th during first period the SRC held an award ceremony for the staff of Winston to finish the staff appreciation week. Although there were no golden trophy’s or humongous cheques they did receive a few comedic anecdotes and a thank you card. Ironic awards like neatest classroom, best haircut and noisiest classroom were given out to start up a few laughs amongst the staff and students. It was a good show, as always, put on by the SRC as they presented their gratitude towards their teachers.

Remember to thank your teachers not only on appreciation weeks, because as much as we may complain about the amount of homework they assign, we wouldn’t get very far without them. Thank you again to the SRC for constantly doing the hard work behind the scenes and for throwing great puns and words of thanks out to the staff at Winston High.

Appreciation Awards 1.JPG 

Appreciation Awards 2.JPG