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Humboldt In-City Bussing

October 11, 2017
​Since the beginning of the school year, in-city students at Humboldt Public School and Humboldt Collegiate Institute have had a new option for getting to school safely every day. This September, Horizon School Division began running an in-city bus to transport students to and from school at HPS and HCI. Students attending Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools in Humboldt (St. Dominic School and St. Augustine School) also benefit from this program.

Students getting on in-city bus.JPG 

Horizon School Division first began exploring options for this in-city bus route in 2016. In the spring of 2017, Transportation Services began their analysis of existing rural bus routes, rider capacity and timing. A questionnaire was distributed to Humboldt families to help determine the demand for an in-city bus. Information gathered through this questionnaire also helped determine the route and bus stop locations.

Horizon’s Transportation Services ran the bus as a pilot program to test the route in the spring of 2017. Following a successful pilot run, the route began running full-time this September. There are approximately 160 students currently registered to ride the in-city bus.

 Students riding bus.JPGHumboldt In-City Bus Driver.JPG

We would like to thank Transportation Services and Southland Transportation Ltd. for the work, collaboration and planning to bring this service to families in the City of Humboldt.