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Winston High & Watrous Elementary Students Enjoy Presentations from Life Speaker Starblanket

October 23, 2017
​On Monday, October 16th, the students of Watrous Elementary School and Watrous Winston High School had the honour of listening to Life Speaker Starblanket. Life Speaker Starblanket spoke to the Kindergartens to Grade 7’s in the morning. 

Life Speaker Starblanket.JPG

Around 11:30, Grade 8 and Grade 12 students loaded up into a school bus and trucks to visit the farm of Ivan Allin. Ivan Allin is a local farmer whose pasture is home to several stone circles, a buffalo rub stone, as well as other First Nations artifacts. Grade 12 students gave Life Speaker Starblanket a gift of tobacco and he then educated the students on First Nations culture. The students explored the area, discovering several of the stone circles, looked at artifacts collected by Mr. Allin, and saw the buffalo rub stone. 

Life Speaker Starblanket 2.JPGstudents listening to Life Speaker Starblanket.JPG

Lisa Hein, Archeologist and friend of Life Speaker Starblanket, met the group at the pasture. While students returned to class, Lisa Hein, Life Speaker Starblanket, Larry Mikulcik (Horizon School Division Curriculum Coach) and Ivan & Rita Allin were able to explore the area as Ms. Hein recorded GPS locations of the stone circles and buffalo rub stone. Ms. Hein is committed to returning to the area this fall or next spring to further document the historical findings on the farm.

Mr. Starblanket and Mr. Allin.JPGBuffalo rub stone.JPGStone Circles.JPGArcheologist, Lisa Hein.JPG