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Community Night at Wadena Composite

November 17, 2017
​On the evening of November 16, Wadena Composite held a community night for students and families. Two sessions were provided and both were very well received.

In the first session, Mr. Cradall Hrynkiw (Superintendent of Learning Services) presented “Social Media Awareness” to a group of parents/caregivers. With  the huge reliance on social media in today’s world, getting the word out to students about using social media appropriately is very important. The presentation covered various forms of social media and apps. Mr. Hrynkiw had presented this information to students earlier in the month. One of Wadena Composite’s goals is to build positive relationships and in order to do so, social media must be used in a positive manner.

Mr. Hrynkiw presenting at Wadena Comp.JPG

For the second session, Mr. Larry Mikulcik (Curriculum Coach) provided a two-hour session on how to find First World War soldier files. Community members came throughout the night to find and receive personnel service files, and to discover Canada’s Great War history. It was fantastic to watch people from 12 years old to 85 years old as they excitedly discovered their family member’s service files from 100 years ago. Mr. Mikulcik also brought a number of pieces from his personal World War item and artifact collection, which helped make a great night even better! Mr. Mikulcik’s work has helped to generate a tremendous amount of excitement around history, with students anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do soldier research in class.

Mr. Mikulcik presenting at Wadena Comp.JPG