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"Canada's Most Informed Student" at Lanigan Central High School

December 15, 2017

Canada's Most Informed Student.jpg

In the spring of 2017, nearing the end of her grade 11 year, Keely-Shay Maki entered the qualifying round of the "Canada's Most Informed Student" competition – organized by ChatterHigh. She committed to answering 10 questions a day for 40 days, along with approximately 400 other students from across the country. Out of all the students in the qualifying round, she placed 3rd.

The finals for this year's "Canada's Most Informed Student" were held in November. Keely-Shay – now in grade 12 – was one of 18 finalists from schools across Canada. For this round of the contest, students answered 10 questions a day for 30 days. Keely-Shay correctly answered 295 of the 300 questions, winning her the title of "Canada's Most Informed Student"!

Along with this impressive title, Keely-Shay also won a $1500 scholarship. The scholarship will be delivered upon confirmation of enrolment at a post-secondary institution (she plans to attend Waterloo University to study Biomedical Engineering). Keely-Shay thanks Ms. Baumann, Horizon School Division Career Counsellor, for encouraging her to enter the contest.

Mr. Stroeder, Lanigan Central High School Principal, describes Keely-Shay as highly academic, studious and a good leader in the school. "She has a very bright future," he says.

From everyone in Horizon School Division: Congratulations, Keely-Shay!