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2019 HCAA Recognition Awards

April 12, 2019
HCAA 2019 rec awards.JPG
(L-R): Christine Matus (Ituna School); Dylan Trollope (Punnichy Elementary); Colin Olchowski (Humboldt Public); Mike Suchan (Humboldt Collegiate); Karla Gardiner (Humboldt Collegiate). Missing from picture: Bill Ruetz (Foam Lake Comp); Donna Haeusler (Lake Lenore School); Darryl Dickson (Wakaw School)

The following individuals were recognized at the Horizon Central Athletic Association (HCAA) spring meeting on April 10, 2019, for their outstanding contributions to school athletics programs:

Colin Olchowski (nominated by Humboldt Public School)

Colin Olchowski is the Athletics Rep at Humboldt Public School and has been deeply involved in coaching multiple extracurricular activities over the years. He has coached boys volleyball, badminton, and track & field, and had filled in coaching basketball a couple of years ago when the current coach was away on medical leave. Colin is an excellent organizer and communicates daily with the other coaches in the school to ensure the practice schedules are coordinated. As well, Colin has served as a volleyball referee for both our junior boys and junior girls volleyball teams when needed. Colin is passionate about physical activity and athletics. His involvement as a coach, athletic rep, and referee over the years makes Colin Olchowski very deserving of an HCAA Recognition Award.

Karla Gardiner (nominated by Humboldt Collegiate)

Karla Gardiner is a passionate teacher and phenomenal coach at Humboldt Collegiate. She has been heavily involved in coaching since 2001.
She has coached curling for 13 years, and has hosted numerous events including pre-districts, districts, and provincials. She teaches her athletes not only skills, but perseverance and determination. She is behind the scenes supporting her students and athletes in all events. Her teams have competed at the provincial level many times.

She has coached track and field for 18 years and has again had her athletes excel at the provincial level, winning many medals.
She has coached senior badminton for 19 years and has had her athletes compete and win medals at the provincial level. She has also hosted many badminton championships, including a provincial event in 2017.

She has also coached senior soccer, acting as an assistant coach from 2004-2006.

Karla shows her passion for sport, team, and competition by continually volunteering her time and efforts as a coach. She encourages, inspires, and supports her athletes in ways that drive them to achieve at the highest level. She makes herself readily available and is dedicated fully to whichever sport she has decided to coach. Her commitment, motivation, and athleticism, as outlined above, are all reasons Karla Gardiner is a remarkable coach deserving of this award.

Donna Haeusler nominated by (Lake Lenore School)

Donna Haeusler has been the secretary at Lake Lenore School for almost thirteen years. During that time, she has done an incredible amount of work in support of the athletics program. Donna has always done and continues to do all of the work behind the scenes that goes unnoticed by many. Some of these jobs include making programs for tournaments and for conference, regional, and provincial playoffs, organizing the school Milk Program, ensuring the canteen is fully stocked for all events hosted at the school, picking up groceries needed for the canteen, and promoting all sporting events the school hosts through social and local media. She also sends countless reminders to parents and the community to come and support our teams, and takes on the task of being in charge of all the money before and after tournaments. The list could go on.

On top of being the “go to” person to run all of the behind-the-scenes jobs, Donna continues to be an avid supporter of the school’s athletic programs. Her five children all graduated from Lake Lenore School and all of them took part in multiple sports while in high school. Donna supported her children during their athletic endeavors and is still seen at all of the school teams’ events.

Donna is also active in the community as a member of St. Anthony’s Parish Council as well as putting in countless volunteer hours in and around the community of Lake Lenore.

It is for the above reasons Donna Haeusler is very deserving of an HCAA Recognition Award.

Darryl Dickson (nominated by Wakaw School)

Darryl Dickson has played an integral role in athletics in Horizon School Division for the last 8 years. For the last 4 years he has played a key role in developing a strong football program in Wakaw which resulted in a provincial silver medal last year. He has put in countless hours with the pee wee, junior, and senior football teams and has provided opportunities for all of the student athletes to achieve success. Darryl has also played a major role in helping start up a basketball program at Wakaw School as he has helped coach the senior boys, junior girls, and junior boys over the last three years. When he is not coaching basketball, you can often find him officiating.

The gymnasium in Wakaw has undergone massive renovations since Darryl became principal which has allowed Wakaw School to proudly host regional volleyball tournaments and badminton tournaments. Before Darryl arrived in Wakaw, he spent time in Watson and Cudworth where he also played an essential role in the athletics programs for each of those schools. He coached football in both schools and has coached a wide variety of other sports throughout his career including volleyball and badminton, just to name a few. His passion for athletics and his selflessness in giving up his time to provide opportunities for student athletes make Darryl Dickson a worthy recipient of this award.

Mike Suchan (nominated by Humboldt Collegiate)

Since 1979, Michael Suchan’s first year of teaching at Muenster, he has been involved in coaching. Mike coached soccer, cross country running, volleyball, softball, baseball, and track and field. In 1988, his soccer team won the SHSAA Provincial Championship. Mike also refereed volleyball and soccer. Mike then began teaching and coaching at St. Augustine Elementary School in Humboldt. While there, he coached flag football, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. He also began volunteering at Humboldt Collegiate as a football coach for the Mohawks. Mike’s volunteerism with Mohawks Football has been invaluable to the program as he continues to work with the quarterbacks and kickers during practices and games. He has also had the pleasure of coaching both of his sons in this program. Mike was an essential part of teams that won provincial gold in 2008 and 2010 and silver in 2014 and 2018. It is for the above reasons Mike Suchan is very deserving of an HCAA Recognition Award.

Bill Ruetz (nominated by Foam Lake Composite School)

Since his arrival at Foam Lake Composite, Bill Ruetz has volunteered thousands of hours as a coach and mentor in multiple sports. As a coach, he has several provincial championships to his credit, including two in football and three in track and field. Bill has energized and empowered both school and community members to get involved in sports leadership - under his athletic directorship, there are strong local officiating crews for all school sports, and new programs such as girls flag football have blossomed under his leadership. Bill is a positive leader in the classroom and in the coaching realm. He emphasizes positivity, integrity, and grit in his participants. Bill attempts to make sport accessible to all, encouraging every student to join in and play. It is for the above reasons Bill Ruetz is a very deserving recipient of an HCAA Recognition Award.

Christine Matus (nominated by Ituna School)

Christine Matus has been working for Horizon School Division at Ituna School for 3 years and has shown remarkable leadership. Ms. Matus has always exuded dedication to students and provides exceptional leadership in the volleyball program. Her student-athletes are often found hanging around her during any of their spare time. She is an amazing employee with stunning talent in all areas of teaching and coaching. Ms. Matus is always dependable, efficient, and dedicated to running her senior girls volleyball team. She does all the behind the scenes work and is busy 6 days a week during the season. She resolves conflicts and handles difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She loves helping students and constantly challenges them to do their best in all activities. These characteristics represent all that is good in Ituna School.

Ms. Matus has provided volleyball camps for the students during the summer months so that they can excel in the sport they love. Her senior girls volleyball team not only advanced to the provincial championship in the 2018/2019 season, but also received the SHSAA Sportsmanship Award. This award was a great honor and representation of Ituna School. With her determination and patience this program will continue to be competitive at the provincial level.

Ms. Matus also started a senior boys basketball program which has not been in Ituna School for many years. It is for the above reasons Christine Matus is very deserving of an HCAA Recognition Award.

SE – Dylan Trollope (nominated by Punnichy Elementary Community School)

Before joining Punnichy Elementary, Dylan Trollope worked in Raymore School where he coached cross country, junior football, curling, and badminton. He also helped run the intramural program for two years. Since arriving at Punnichy Elementary two years ago, he has coached cross country, badminton, and track and field. He has also been able to step into the athletic director role at Punnichy Elementary and helped to create a boys and girls volleyball team. He has continued to run the intramural program as well. Trollope also sits on the local rec board to ensure the recreational programs in the community are well funded. Furthermore, Punnichy Elementary has received the honor of becoming a “Quality Daily Physical Education” school this year for the first time in many years, backed by Trollope’s leadership in the school. It is for the above reasons Dylan Trollope is very deserving of an HCAA Recognition Award.

The following individuals were recognized at the Horizon Central Athletic Association Spring Meeting on April 10, 2019, for their outstanding contributions to school athletics programs: