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YES Team

YES Team

The YES Team programs are underway and the students are doing a great job of things once again.  We hope the soup kitchen is well received so we can continue to offer it. A big thank you to Mrs. Amanda Basset for agreeing to bake the dinner buns and cinnamon buns for us as well. She has agreed to try pizza buns this year as well which will be available when she has time for baking them.

The soup menu for January will be as follows:

Soup Kitchen Menu for January

Soup & Crackers - $2.00

Full Meal Deal - $3.00 (includes soup, crackers, fruit/yogurt/or granola bar and a bun)

Yogurt - .50 cents

Granola Bar - .50 cents

Fruit - .50 cents

White bun – .50 cents

Cinnamon Bun - .75 cents


Monday –  Cream of Chicken

Tuesday – Chicken Noodle

Wednesday – Cream of Broccoli

Thursday – Chicken Noodle

Friday – Cream of Mushroom


** if there is a food sale of any kind the soup kitchen will not be open that day


Thanks so much to everyone who is supporting the milk program as well. Breakfast cart will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Have a great week everyone!!


Mrs. Tania Dauvin-Frank and

Mrs. Amanda Kane


Milk Program - Daily

The YES Team is happy to once again be able to offer a milk program to students and staff. We are going to offer milk on a daily basis again this year. The grades 6-8 YES Team students will be taking turns to help run the milk program. Students will be able to purchase milk cards. Each time students get milk, a punch will be taken out of their milk card. Once their milk card is running low another letter will be sent home with the student so that a new card may be purchased. We will be offering the small size milk (250ml) as in the past and students will have a choice between chocolate or white milk. Since the YES Team's goal is to offer nutritious options to students at a minimal cost we are subsidizing the cost. We will charge .80 per carton, which works out to be 25 milk for $20 or 50 milk for $40. If you are interested in having your child take part in the milk program please fill out the attached form and return it to school.  Milk can also be purchased for a $1.00 but it is a better deal to purchase a card.  If there are food sales where beverages are being sold then we will not run the milk program for that day.

Milk Form.pdf