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Bruno School
Robot Club

First LEGO League

We have had
an amazing LEGO Robots season with the First LEGO League! Bruno had two teams
compete this year. Those teams were the Bearbots and the Masterminds. Each team
had three areas to focus on for the competition. The teams had to work on the
core values of the LEGO League, design a scientific project that identified a
problem and a solution, and of course; build a LEGO robot to solve a variety of

The whole season ran from
September until the day of the competition, February 3rd. Over the course of
this time our two teams worked hard and learned many new skills. Almost all of
our members were brand new to LEGO robots and computer programming. Starting
from scratch, the teams designed a robot entirely out of LEGO pieces. They then
fitted it with a computer "brain," and motors to control moving parts such as
wheels and arms. They then took the robots into the computer lab and programmed
them. The teams were given a variety of puzzles that the robots had to solve.
Each puzzle solved gave teams more points. Teams were given four rounds, with
each round lasting two and a half minutes, to solve as many puzzles as they
could. Judges then scored each round and teams were awarded points according to
their best round.

The other major part of the
competition was the scientific project. Teams had to come up with a project
based around a common theme, identify a problem, and design a solution. This
year's theme was hydrodynamics. The Bearbots discussed the issue of drinking
water on First Nations reserves. They looked at government collected data that
showed how so many First Nations reserves lack clean water for drinking,
cleaning, or even bathing. They researched how the government is working hard
to try and fix this problem. The Masterminds took an in depth look at how
feedlots can pollute our water and affect our water system. They focused on the
Poundmaker feedlot and the solution that is being implemented there. Well
done to the Masterminds who won the award for having the best project!

Lastly, the judges at the
event were wanting to see how the teams incorporated the First LEGO League's
core values into their work over the season. This included showing team spirit,
working together, being involved in "coopertition," and of course; having fun.
Both teams performed excellently in this area. The amount of growth and
learning that was seen over the season was impressive. Both teams helped each
other while giving friendly competition. The best part was the big smiles and
laughs that were had during the weekend!Robots Pic1.jpg

Robots Pic1.jpg

Mr. Kurt Bergsma